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GNA offers a simple 3-step process for your Immigration needs

Our main purpose is to help you and your loved ones find the future that they are looking for.

Our objective is singular – to help you achieve your goals and potential, through migration.

Our mission revolves around our clients and their needs. This is achieved through offering timely and correct information on the options available to different people at different stages of their lives.

The journey with GNA offers a simple 3-step process for your Immigration needs to Canada:

  1. Application form
  2. Formal Evaluation of your case
  3. Our Services

Here are the details of each component:

1. Application Form

The first step of anyone's Immigration process is to fill out our application form which evaluates your eligibility to Canada.  The application form allows you to provide us with detailed information of your specific life situation (ex. age, gender, schooling, work experience etc.).

 If you have not completed the application form -- please click here.

2. Formal Evaluation

Before you decide whether the option of applying for Canadian permanent residency is for you and whether we are the best people to help you -- we provide you with the following tools to make an informed and empowered decision -- through the formal evaluation of your life's situation.  

A formal written evaluation is an assessment of your personal and professional profile and how it qualifies you as successful candidate for the Canadian permanent residence status.

Here is what the formal evaluation provides:

  • The evaluation is performed using the exact and strict assessment guidelines and regulatory requirements of the Canadian government and the corresponding immigration authorities.
  • You receive a written explanation regarding how exactly these guidelines were applied to your case and how they were used to arrive at a decision whether you may be qualified under one or more of the current Canadian immigration programs.  You are given a copy of the relevant government requirements and regulations.
  • You are provided with a detailed and complete explanation of what specifically is and will be required of you in order to insure your success in the immigration application process.
  • You are provided with a detailed list and explanation of all of the future potential expenses which are associated with your immigration application process and provided with an approximate time line when to expect them.  This may help you budget accordingly.

You are handed the key to your own success - prior to the start of your Immigration process and our agreement to work together.

Please click here to go through the formal evaluation of your specific profile.

3. Our Services

The final step of the 3-step process is to proceed with your plans for your Canadian future and together we begin your journey of Immigrating to Canada through our wide range of professional services.

Please click here to view the specific details of our professional services.

Everything from the preparation of your English and/or French language tests (if applicable to your case) to the handling of your required government documents to the submission of your entire application to the Immigration government officials and finally making your dreams to Canada a beautiful reality!

To learn more about our services and what GNA can do for you and your loves ones -- please click here.