Canada Is The Best Option For You!

Some other FUN facts about Canada:

  • Canada is a land of great natural beauty, from the rugged shores of Newfoundland to the mild climate and beautiful mountains of the west coast.
  • The second largest country in the world, it has six time zones.
  • With its coasts, vast forests, mountain ranges, lakes and expanses of prairies, Canada is rich in natural resources.
  • Canada has a significant share of the earth’s natural ecosystems — 25% of wetland ecosystems, 15% of forests and 16% of Arctic ecosystems.
  • About 28% of the population reported origins other than British Isles, French or Canadian.
  • Recent immigrants had higher levels of education than the Canadian-born population
  • Six out of ten households owned their own home
  • Canada has 13 provinces and territories, all of which have a unique way of life, economy and abundance of attractions. These 13 provinces include: Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, the Yukon, Northern Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Nunavut and New Brunswick.
  • Overall, Canada is an exciting country with so much to offer. Begin your new life in Canada today!

The following videos explain the diverse way of life within the provinces / cities of Canada.





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