Our Success-Stories

These are the success stories of our clients who have received their permanent resident visa and are happily living in Canada today. By learning more about their stories, you will understand exactly what it is that Canada offers people, as the best option for your future! We can’t wait for your success story!

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...and this could be you!


Here is what GNA can do for you.

There is nothing more important in today’s world, than the power of knowledge, and Immigrating to another country to build a new life can be full of challenges. Our services will tremendously help you to minimize those difficulties, and provide you with all of the important guidance, assistance and knowledge that you’ll need.

A quick over-view of our services are:

We evaluate all the feasible options to reach the fastest, most economical and secure way to apply the request of our client, taking into account all the details of your particular case.  We always keep our clients informed about all the options available to him / her.

  • Consulting
  • Evaluation
  • Document preparation and translations services
  • File Preparation and Submission
  • Formal Representation of Clients
  • Monitoring of Clients’ processes with Immigration authorities

  • Canadian Job Searches Services
  • Canadian Job Offers Support Services

  • Living in Canada
  • Language Exams
  • Schooling
  • Help & Support… and much more!

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