Why the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

This page talks about the benefits and advantages of the "Federal Skilled Worker Program" (FSWP) and the "Express Entry" system.

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The new system of processing of new applications for permanent residence offers several key benefits, both for the applicants as well as for the Canadian economy and the labor market.  Canada is constantly in its pursuit of the best and most qualified professionals, academics, skilled trades people, and businessmen, that will further the economic and social status of Canada.


The “Express Entry” system is a new online registration system – that is designed to fast-track the entire Immigration process to obtain a permanent resident visa.  Previously, it took anywhere from 8 months to a year for one’s application to be processed, but it has caused a massive backlog of applications so they have created a new system to accelerate the processing time.  In short, it allows candidates to have a better of chance of being selected and opening up further opportunities for their future.

  • Faster processing times: the goal of the Canadian government is to process most applications in 6 months or less from the time the full application for permanent residence is received until the final decision is made.
  • The Express Entry system of processing new applications did not change the requirements of the federal immigration program. This is not a new program. It is simply a more efficient way the Canadian government and its immigration authorities are handling and processing new applications for permanent residents.
  • There is no limitation to the number of applicants who can apply to the “Express Entry Pool”. It is expected that this approach will result in candidates who possess greater variety of skills and experience, from whom the Canadian employers in all industries around Canada would be able to select the candidates who most satisfy their needs. However, the actual number of the successful candidates who will receive an invitation from the Canadian federal government to apply for permanent residence is based on the annual 2016 Immigration Levels Plan, which has increased the total number of new permanent residents to Canada for this year to 260.000 and 285.000!   Click here to learn more about being invited to apply by the Canadian government.
  • There is no restricted list of occupations/professions which may apply
  • There is no restriction to the number of consecutive applications which may be submitted, if needed.

Employment in Canada – “Job Bank”

Improved and simplified process of connecting qualified foreign job seekers with potential Canadian employers; the Job Bank is the largest government job search data base which improves and accelerates the economic integration of the new Canadian permanent residents following their arrival to Canada.

  • As an integral part of their immigration application process, in addition to their personal online immigration application profile in the “Express Entry Pool” data base of the Canadian federal government, applicants will also have their own online job seeker professional profile in the “Job Bank” – the largest national job search engine and an online data base of the most complete information on the Canadian Labour Market (created and managed by the Canadian federal government), containing approximately 100,000 regularly updated job openings, posted by various Canadian employers who are actively seeking skilled workers in various sectors of the Canadian economy.
  • In order to facilitate the connection between the potential Canadian employers and the applicants for permanent residence, the Canadian employers are given access to both the candidates’ online immigration application profile in the “Express Entry Pool” as well as to their job seeker professional profile in the “Job Bank” data base, thus allowing them to present job offers to qualified foreign applicants.
  • Foreign candidates who are interested in applying for permanent residence in Canada, will have to actively advertise their professional profile and qualifications in the “Job Bank” and will be able to automatically receive a list of job openings that match their specific professional qualifications as well as their job search profiles.

The “Job Bank” includes a “Job Match” service which matches the various registered Canadian employers with the registered job seekers, according to their respective needs and profiles. As a result of this matching service, the employer receives a list of qualified candidates, while the applicant receives a list of suitable jobs.


The obvious and significant benefit for foreign candidates applying for permanent residence status in Canada is the increase in the possibility of receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer, either prior to completing their immigration application process or shortly after their arrival to Canada as permanent residents.


In order to take advantages of the aforementioned, it is extremely important to initiate the immigration application process and submit your file as soon as possible.

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