Value Through Our Services

The strength of our services is in the value that they represent personally for you.  Although our services are individually designed and intended to best deal with the individual circumstances and needs of our clients, and the nature and requirements of the specific immigration program in which they are applying, they all have the same core principles and purpose:


  1. We don’t waste our clients’ time, money, and effort with things that do not directly help them in achieving their goal of a brighter future in Canada
  2. We do not tell our clients what they want to hear, but instead tell them what they must know to be successfull in their immigration process.
  3. We do not create false or unrealistic expectations for our clients
  4. We try to simplify and make more easily understood the very complex Canadian immigration system, which changes regularly and often
  5. We find solutions to our clients circumstances and needs
  6. We try to be proactive in our handling of our clients’ files, given the fact that the Canadian immigration rules and regulations change, often with very direct consequences for our clients
  7. We do everything possible to make our clients feel empowered to help themselves and to have control over various stages and processes of their immigration application process
  8. We will not take your case unless we know that we can help and offer you real value through our services which are based on more than 22 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise
  9. We will not take your case unless you feel confident and secure with our services, reputation, and professional ability to help you achieve your goal

NOTE:  All of the required consulting and representation services which are directly related to all aspects of the Canadian immigration system are provided to our clients by our federally Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC license number R421319 – – according to the prescribed mandatory professional regulatory laws of the Canadian federal government), who has more than 20 years of experience providing Canadian immigration and post-arrival settlement services.

The Canadian government has announced its 2015 Canadian Annual Immigration Plan!  Please click here for more information.