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The Next Step of Your Immigration Process With GNA

Formal Evaluation + Phone Consultation

Every journey to Canada is specific and unique to each person’s goals and situation — which is why we created the “Formal Evaluation + Phone Consultation” package that is specifically catered to your Immigration journey.

Before you can start applying to the Canadian government for Immigration to Canada – you must be aware of certain factors such as:  Which Immigration program (and all if it’s requirements is best suited for your situation, how many points you have, specific language levels (English and / or French), government fees and settlement funds that is specific to your particular profile.

*REMEMBER – there are many different Immigration programs and each program has different necessary requirements. Moreover, each person has a different situation and requires specific detailed analysis of his/her profile.

That is why having a dedicated, experienced Immigration consultant by your side, guiding you ever step of the way, is very important for your Immigration success.

In order to find out which Immigration program (and all of it’s requirements) is in accordance to your specific situation and goals, it would require you to factor in all of the Immigration selection criteria.  This can be very confusing and complex for someone who hasn’t studied Canadian Immigration and all of it’s requirements.  That is why we created the “formal evaluation + skype video/phone consultation” package.

Click Here For The Formal Evaluation of Your Case

The formal evaluation of your case comes in a PDF format, that specifically assesses, which Canadian Immigration program (and all of it’s requirements) is best-suited for your particular situation and qualifications.

Here is what the formal evaluation package will do for you in detail:

  1. 30 minute skype / phone consultation -You have our full attention for 30 minutes. We will answer any of your questions in English
  2. Indicate the best suited Canadian Immigration program for your specific case
  3. Indicate the government fees specific to your case (each applicant or family has different government fees specific to their case)
  4. Indicate the “settlement funds” amount specific to your case (You must show that you / your partner (if applicable) have enough settlement funds to live – for you and your children after your arrival in Canada.  These funds are different for each applicant or family).
  5. Indicate what level of English and / or French you will be required to pass for the language(s) tests.
  6. Vital information in regards to the specific immigration program under which you have been evaluated – including the various specific procedural steps that are involved in the various stages of your immigration process (in addition to the Canadian immigration system and the Canadian society)
  7. Access to our private Facebook group(we answer any of your questions and where you are able to interact with people who are in the same position as you are)
  • A list of testimonials and contact details (email-addresses) of many of our former clients who have received their Canadian permanent residence status (many of whom have already obtained citizenship) and are now enjoying their lives in Canada! If you wish, you may get in contact with them.

“Yes, I’d like to receive my Formal Evaluation!”

Your profile with be thoroughly analyzed and a full explanation will be provided to you, in writing, regarding your chances of successfully apply for permanent residency in Canada.  All options and any possible solutions will be clearly explained to you.

It is important to note, that all of the above factors are conditional and specific to each person’s Immigration journey.

Therefore, in order to begin your Immigration process – it is necessary to understand the above requirements of your specific profile.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Receiving your formal evaluation does not mean that you immediately become a GNA client.  The formal evaluation informs you with great detail all of your necessary requirements. Once you have understood and are aware of all of the necessary requirements that is specific to your particular case, then it is time to finally begin your journey to Canada as a client of GNA!

We are here to clear up any confusion you may have and to help you make a successful transition to begin a new life in Canada!  That is why for over 20 years people have been trusting us with their Immigration process and why we have successfully processed over 2,600 cases of applicants who have successfully Immigrated and are currently enjoying their new life in Canada!

If you are serious about your Immigration journey, and would like for an experienced Immigration consultant to formally evaluate your specific profile and provide a detailed analysis, please click here.