Express Entry in Canada

Express Entry – a faster way to start enjoying your life in Canada!

The Canadian government and its federal Ministry of Immigration – Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – has implemented a fundamental and comprehensive change in the way that new applications for Canadian permanent residents will be received and processed from candidates in the following three immigration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers (for people with skilled professional work experience)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades (for people with experience in skilled manual work)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (for people with in-Canada skilled professional work experience)

This new system – called “Express Entry” is part of the 2015 Canadian Annual Immigration Plan which will welcome 300,000 minumum – new permanent residents to Canada, this year – the highest planned level of admissions in recent history – and will make the Canadian immigration system more efficient and more responsive to Canada’s needs.

The main goals of this new method of processing and assessing the new applications for permanent residence status; is to help support the Canadian government’s economic growth strategy by addressing labour and skills shortages, to reunite families sooner, and to considerably shorten the application processing times, thus allowing the Canadian economy to benefit from the prompt arrival of the qualified foreign professionals, whose skills and experience it requires.

The new system of intake and processing of new permanent residence applications offers many key benefits, both to the foreign applicants as well as the Canadian economy and its labor market:

  • faster processing times: the Canadian government intends to process most applications in six months or less, from the moment the complete application for permanent residence is received, to a final decision;
  • Express Entry will not change the immigration program requirements. Express Entry is not a new program. It is a new way for CIC to manage the intake of economic immigration applications.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who may enter the Express Entry pool.  It is expected that this approach will result in a range of candidates with a greater variety of skills and experience from which the Canadian employers, provinces and territories will be able to selected the most qualified candidates, in order to meet their needs. However, the actual number of successful candidates who will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence, will be based on the 2017 the Annual Immigration Levels Plan, which has increased the overall number of new permanent residents to Canada, for this year, to up to 300,000.
  • There will not be an exclusionary list of eligible occupations which may apply
  • There will not be a prescribed annual limit on the number of submitted applications
  • an easier way to get a job offer from an eligible employer in Canada before candidates arrive in Canada: the Government of Canada’s enhanced national Job Bank will let eligible employers in Canada and skilled foreign nationals connect with one another more easily, making economic integration faster once immigrants arrive in Canada.

As an integral part of the complete immigration application process; parallel to having his/her own personal electronic profile in the Canadian federal government’s “Express Entry” data base, the applicants will also have their own professional electronic profile account in the government’s national “Job Bank” – the largest national government database of complete information regarding the Canadian national labour market and a search engine of jobs in Canada (created and managed by the Canadian federal government), posted by Canadian employers seeking qualified candidates in various industries and sectors of the Canadian economy.

Canadian employers will have access to the candidates’ personal and professional profiles, both in the “Express Entry” data base and the “Job Bank” data base search engine, providing them with the possibility of extending job offers to qualified foreign candidates.

Foreign candidates interested in applying for permanent residency in Canada, will be able to actively advertise their professional profile and qualifications in the aforementioned “Job Bank” to potential Canadian employers and will automatically receive a list of job postings, matching their search criteria and/or their specific professional profiles and skills.

The “Job Bank” will include a “Job Match” service, which will allow the Canadians registered employers and the job-seekers to be matched according to their respective needs and profiles. After being matched, the employer receives a list of qualified candidates, while the job seeker receives a list of matching jobs.

The immediately apparent and considerable benefit for foreign candidate applicants for the Canadian permanent residence status would be the increase of the possibility of having a job or at least a job offer from a Canadian employer, even prior to completing their immigration application process, or in a short time following their arrival to Canada as Canadian permanent residents.