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The Next Step of Your Immigration Process…

Formal Evaluation of Your Case

The next necessary step of your Immigration process is to go through the formal evaluation of your case which formally assesses and evaluates your qualifications (and spouse / partner, if applicable) towards the different Canadian Immigration programs.

Being formally evaluated is vital and necessary in order to proceed with your Immigration process.

Here is what the formal evaluation will do for you:

  • Indicate the best suited Canadian Immigration program for your specific case
  • Vital information in regards to your Immigration process (in addition to the Canadian immigration system and the Canadian society)
  • Indicate the government fees specific to your case (each applicant or family has different government fees specific to their case)
  • Indicate the “financial self sufficiency” numbers specific to your case (each applicant or family has different numbers)
  • Indicate whether or not you will need to provide English or French languages. NOTE: There is a possibility that you won’t be required to provide English or French language levels.


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Overview of The Canadian Immigration System.

  1. A detailed breakdown and explanation of the points which you were able to complete for each of the evaluation criteria of the Canadian immigration authorities, and how that makes you qualified to commence your immigration process, right away.


  1. Contact details of many of our former clients who have received their Canadian permanent residence status and are now enjoying their lives in Canada!

Your profile with be thoroughly analyzed and a full explanation will be provided to you, in writing, regarding your ability to successfully apply for permanent residency in Canada.  All options and any possible solutions will be clearly explained to you.

It is important to note, that all of the above factors are conditional and specific to each person’s Immigration case.  Therefore, in order to proceed – it is necessary & vital to go through the formal evaluation of your case.

“Yes, I’d like to receive my Formal Evaluation!”