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Thank you for your interest in the opportunity of Immigrating and working in Canada. LET’S MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY!


Canada is considered by the United nations to be one of the top 2 countries in the world!  Canada is home to people all over the world and is in fact a country built on immigrants! 

For the past several decades Canada has enjoyed the biggest and most accessible immigration program, open to a variety of qualified applicants from all over the world. In its constant pursuit of the best and most qualified professionals, academics, skilled trades people, and businessmen, the Canadian Government is trying to offer the best and most flexible options of quality of life.

The Canadian immigration system offers a very wide of immigration programs, for different applicants with different profiles and qualifications – there is an option for everyone – which leads to the acquirement of the Canadian permanent resident status.

That being said, the Canadian Immigration system can be confusing and complex to understand and go through  — and that is where we come in.

GLOBAL NETWORK ASSOCIATES (GNA) is a Canadian Immigration consultant service that provides consulting services for obtaining permanent residency visa through the various programs authorized by the Government of Canada.

GNA is directed by Mr. David Weinshtein, an authorized consultant by the Federal Government that has more than 25 years of experience and has been successfully processing more than 2,600 cases through the last 20 years in different countries of South America – Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and the Dominican Republic.

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The first step of your Immigration process:

The first step of your Immigration process is to complete our application form which allows us to evaluate your options and chances of Immigrating to the Canada!


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  • David Weinshtein & the GNA Team