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GLOBAL NETWORK ASSOCIATES (GNA) is a private Canadian Immigration Consultant Service Company based in Toronto, Canada – that provides consulting, client representation, application process management, and support services in all matters of legal immigration to Canada, through the various programs that are offered by the Government of Canada.

Our services are only as good as the value and the benefit that they bring to you – our clients.  With that in mind we have created various service packages to fit the needs or our clients. Our main goal and focus is your success, achieved through a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

In order to make your Canadian immigration application process the least stressful and to ensure that our services offer you the most value possible, we have created various comprehensive packages of services designed for every stage of the immigration process.

Because the Canadian immigration system has a wide variety of programs in different types of categories with their own specific characteristics, steps, and requirements; the service packages which we offer to our clients are designed according to the specifics of the particular immigration program / category in which they will be applying, taking into consideration the specific individual requirements and goals of our clients. Our clients are always fully informed regarding the specific services that they will be entitled to at various stages of their immigration process.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our services, in order to assist our clients in taking advantage of the newly introduced “Express Entry” process by the Canadian federal government.


</p> <p>1.Services of Immigration</p> <p>

We evaluate all the feasible options to reach the fastest, most economical and secure way to apply the request of our client, taking into account all the details of your particular case. We always keep our clients informed about all the options available to him/her.

  • Consulting
  • Evaluation
  • Document preparation and translations services
  • File Preparation and Submission
  • Formal Representation of Clients
  • Monitoring of Clients’ processes with Immigration authorities
CLIENT ZONE: Information and Preparation service: Information included in the “Customer Zone” tool, which is given access to the customer after the service delivery agreement has been signed:
</p> <p>2.Preparation for arrival to Canada</p> <p>


You have access to information about:

  1. Practice Material for English and French, as well as material in preparation for the examinations of english and french
  2. Statistical and comparative information about the cost of living in several Canadian cities
  3. Health services and health insurance paid by the government
  4. Primary and secondary education (public schools, Catholic, and private), and post-secondary (Technical Institutes and Universities)
  5. Information on financial subsidies, grants, scholarships and loans from the government of Canada for post-secondary students
  6. Government support programs and financial support
  7. List of governmental and non-governmental organizations that offer various services of help, support, and information for new permanent residents (in their native language).
  8. List of agencies of accreditation and regulation, professional and occupational (at national and provincial levels).
  9. Data on the types of taxes in all provinces and territories of Canada.
  10. Information about laws and Canadian culture
  11. Information about the purchase of real estate
  12. Information about business and investment opportunities
  13. Access to a directory of more than 3,500 government offices, associations, and foundations that offer subsidies, grants, and loans for various projects of social, cultural, and business projects.
  14. Database of files that contain information about everything related to business in Canada (purchases, taxes, marketing, distribution, loans, etc. )
  15. From the moment our customers decide to hire our services, they immediately receive a full, continuous and unlimited access to all the online tools, without any additional cost.


</p> <p>3.Assistance for Employment</p> <p>
  1. Canadian Job Searches Services
  2. Canadian Job Offers Support Services

You have access to information about:

  1. A list of more than 5,000 professionals talents and firms recruiting, organized by provinces of Canada. The list has full contact details so that you can contact employers directly and send their resumes. The service of these companies has NO cost to our clients.
    1. This updated list of more than 5,000 Canadian companies are constantly recruiting people. The information of each company has full contact details.  List of job opportunities in 80 different professions/occupations in all provinces and territories of Canada. The list is updated weekly and contains about 7,300 – 7,500 new employment opportunities.
  2. Access to a search page exclusive announcements of work
  3. Access to a database of files explaining step-by-step, how to find employment in Canada and how to prepare the resumes, documents etc.
  4. Material preparation for the various professional licenses
  5. Registration in government aid programs for job search
  6. Updated information about the climate, the Canadian labor market (for all professions and occupations), at national, provincial, and municipal levels. The information includes data on: wages, working conditions, training requirements, experience and accreditation, employment levels, and future projections for the different types of work for occupations and professions.
  7. Client Zone
    1. Databases in line with thousands of job offers per week
    2. Databases of more than 5,000 Canadian companies seeking staff permanently
    3. Databases of more than 5,000 companies in personnel selection
    4. Course of 2 months full-time (without additional cost) of how to find work in the Canadian labour marketing including:
    5. Preparation for job interviews ⁃ Drafting of C.V. (curriculum vitae) ⁃ Job-search skills
</p> <p>4.Settlement Services (Post-Arrival to Canada)</p> <p>
  • Airport pick-up (when client lands to Canada).
  • Orientation
  • Assistance in locating and acquiring housing (rent, purchase, etc.)
  • Assistance in the registration of language courses provided by the Canadian government without any cost to the client.
  • Assistance for obtaining various identifications: Driver’s License, Passport, Government insurance coverage, Social Security Card, etc.
  • Orientation to open bank accounts.
  • Assistance for enrollment in universities, colleges, schools and / or kindergartens.
  • Assistance in Employment Search (ex: the opening of a business).
  • Before arriving in Canada our clients receive the ‘Handbook of Thriving’, which includes all the information and resources needed to help them achieve a successful transition.
For your convenience and reference, we will be happy to provide information regarding specific service packages on request.

Our priorities are our clients and our goal is to make their immigration and settlement process as agreeable and efficient as possible. We achieve this through professional preparation, representation, and management of our clients’ immigration processes and by providing them with practical and tangible tools, which assist them in adapting to their new lives in Canada.

NOTE: All of GNA’s Consulting & Representation Services Are Handled By A Federally Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC license number R421319http://secure.iccrc-crcic.ca/search/)