Our Clients

Dear David and the GNA Team, Thank you so much for your services! As a matter of fact, I feel in debt with you for living in Canada now; if someday you need my testimonial, please let me know.
Leopoldo Astudillo Mendez

Dear David & GNA Team, We are so happy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We are planning the landing for the first week of June 2014. Today we sent our four passports to the Embassy of Canada in Mexico City. Thank you so much for the good news!
Maria del Pilar Moran

I’m Ana Mejia from Lima, Peru. Actually I’m currently living in Toronto, Canada – because of GNA! 🙂 I have been here for 6 months and I’m really enjoying the city. I’m making friends, I have a job in my field and trying to get a house very soon. Thing are getting better and I’m getting used to the weather (I love snow!) ….thank you so much for your support GNA!
Ana Mejia

You guys have EXCELLENT Services! Everything happened just as you told us. Our process was just one year ago, its amazing that we got our Permanent Residence Status in just 12 months, and we got it for our child too! Thank you for helping us give a new and a different life for our child, I am a 100% sure she will have a better life there. During the process you gave us continuous monitoring and answered all of our doubts, questions, you gave us excellent services! Thank You GNA! Thank You David! “Canada there we go…….”
Maria Vriginia Peñalo Duran

Thanks for everything! I know good things are waiting for me. I don’t want to sound corny, but the benefit-cost ratio – I can tell that your services overpass the cost by far. The best decision I had made during the last three years was trusting you, and I’m happy I did, you earned my trust and I’m hoping to be able to thank you in person!
José Andrade